Start-up of the Ku Band Yamal-402 service at our Frejus Teleport. The Yamal-402 satellite owned by the operator Gazprom SpaceSystems is now a part of the fleet of satellites used by SONEMA.

The Yamal-402 satellite is now connected and fully operational at our Frejus Teleport.

As well as the addition of this new and very powerful satellite (EIRP max. 51 dBW), SONEMA has also added the latest extension to our iDirect “Evolution” hub, which provides performances adapted to a high quality of service on the VSAT links particularly in Ku-Band plus an optimal station price.

Thanks to this new installation, SONEMA is expanding its Ku-Band satellite coverage for Sub-Saharan, East and Southern Africa whilst also increasing its available global capacity in these regions.

This extended geographical coverage completes the coverage provided by the fleet of satellites already connected and allows SONEMA to implement VSAT networks with shared or dedicated band-width from the Tropic of Cancer to the Cape of Good Hope and Mauritius.

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