The Group and the Team

The Group

Parent company, based in Monaco.

Regrouping the Group’s administrative teams, Sonema oversees all business relations.

Sonema is managed by Catherine Delom.

Sonema’s technical branch.

Expertmedia operates the data centre in Frejus and the Lognes Teleport. Expertmedia regroups the group’s technical expertise and manages the NOC which serves the group’s customers.

Expertmedia is managed by Williams Denant.

Subsidiary opened in 2015 and based in Frejus.

Share our Space operates the training facility in the Frejus data centre. Share our Space makes its facilities available for our customers and partners.

Share our Space is managed by Gilles Datrier.

Sonema’s Management Team

Gilles Datrier

Gilles Datrier


With a major background in technology in the telecommunications industry, Gilles Datrier brings to Sonema the profile of a team manager with a strong innovation-based culture.
Bernard Delorme

Bernard Delorme

President of the Sonema Group

With more than 30 years high-level experience in the banking sector within prominent institutions, Bernard Delorme has in-depth knowledge of the sector and the issues faced.
Catherine Delom

Catherine Delom

Managing Director

With more than 30 years experience in ICTs within businesses with major enterprise transformation programmes, Catherine Delom is driven by value creation, operational excellence in support of customers, and middle management engagement.

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