Case Study
Optim-Booster — Wanos Equipment

A key account customer in the banking sector, located in West Africa and using Sonema VSAT stations for almost five years.

The customer’s links are established via one of Sonema’s two teleports and are currently mainly used for Internet connectivity and to access servers hosting business applications.

The Challenge

The customer was experiencing lengthy delays to Internet traffic in addition to a poor user experience for certain business applications. An analysis of the customer’s network revealed that these slowdowns were caused by permanent congestion of the bandwidth. Using Skyview, Sonema’s proprietary monitoring tool, detailed performance measures of the application load made it possible to identify two main causes for this:

  1. Delays on SMTP protocol:
    • The circuits were continually saturated;
  2. A significant amount of undesirable traffic on a “business” link:
    • Access to social networks;
    • Video streaming;
    • Peer-to-peer applications.

Sonema's Solutions

The constant increase in the recurrence of these usages made it almost impossible to access and operate the email system and the dedicated business applications.

Sonema deployed its Optim-Booster solution on the customer’s network, the follow-up to its Network Booster services which uses Wanos equipment. The Wanos Wan Optimisation Controllers were installed at each end of the customer’s network. This solution enables us to optimise, prioritise and secure the Internet links in order to minimise the impact of potentially undesirable traffic on the quality of service.

Optim-Booster key features:

  • Prioritises application traffic via the establishment of Quality of Service policies. This QoS guarantees steady throughput and jitter for business and critical applications (emails, VPN) for priority categories even if the link is heavily congested.
  • TCP acceleration to reduce the amount of data and latency in terms of TCP protocols. This feature enables TCP transactions which are 2 to 10 times quicker in addition to offering a more comfortable user experience when browsing the Internet.
  • Reduces data transferred via the VSAT link via compression, deduplication and local caching.
  • Complete visibility of network traffic: link distribution, network occupancy and use, application traffic.

The Optim-Booster solution implemented by Sonema allows the customer to not only monitor but also to control the usage of his VSAT Internet access. He can for example, impose internet restrictions (for P2P, social networking, streaming etc) or he can allocate a portion of bandwidth to critical applications such as voice or videoconferencing for which steady throughput and reduced jitter are essential.


Customer network including the Optim-Booster solution:Survey of the network load in kbps over one day


Going The Extra Mile

The customer had neither the staff or the skills required to efficiently configure and operate the optimisation solution. He therefore chose to entrust Sonema to manage the Optim-Booster solution.

This combination of ‘controllers & managed service’ allows Sonema to tailor the configuration and operation of the optimisation equipment to meet the customer’s specific requirements in order to ensure that users enjoy excellent application performance on a permanent basis.


Bandwidth Savings


The Optim-Booster solution deployed on the customer’s network offered a reduction in bandwidth usage of around 35% on the Internet access. As a result, the customer didn’t need to increase his existing bandwidth capacity.

The users also enjoyed a greatly improved and more comfortable experience when browsing the Web and using business applications. These improvements were measurable by the reduction in response time and in download time which were halved. Users also had much quicker access to their work tools.

Feedback from this customer has been very positive and the hardware investment costs for the controllers were self-financed thanks to the saving on bandwidth costs.
The customer now has an efficient, fully managed and cost-effective solution.

The company’s productivity has greatly increased thanks to the guaranteed permanent operation of all applications critical to their main activity.

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