Case Studies

Optim-Booster — Wanos Equipment

Optimize the performance of a banking network

A key account customer in the West African banking sector has been using VSAT stations for almost five years. The customer was experiencing lengthy delays to Internet traffic in addition to a poor user experience for certain business applications. Sonema deployed its Optim-Booster solution – from the Network Booster suite of services based on Wanos equipment, reducing bandwidth consumption by 35% on Internet access and significantly improving the user experience.


A sustainable and secure e-Banking solution

The customer is a major pan-African banking group with subsidiaries in 12 countries. In order to expand their service offer, the customer uses a digital banking platform. To secure the correct functioning of this platform and to render it accessible to the various sites, the solution needs to be centralised in order to use the existing reliable VSAT links. Sonema implemented a solution to host the the customer’s virtual machines within a secure and resilient environment in order to ensure business continuity for the e-banking service (BCP) and to possess an efficient disaster recovery plan (DRP).

Hybrid Networks

The customer is a major French bank operating in nearly 70 countries, with a strong presence across the African continent. For more than 20 years, Sonema has provided support for the customer’s company network in Africa. The customer’s partnership with Sonema started with the exploitation of a satellite network linking almost 50 sites across 14 countries, and since then the offer has grown to include other services including terrestrial connectivity (MPLS/Internet Access), security services and network optimisation.

Mail Protection – Sandbox

Protect your email services from threats, even unknown viruses!

The customer had noticed lengthy delays when receiving email, despite the implementation of new firewall rules blocking spam. After carrying out an audit of his incoming emails, Sonema installed their Mail Protection Service with Sandbox option, which eliminated roughly 80% of unwanted network traffic on the customer’s Internet access.

Network Evolution: Application Migration

Develop your network to improve your application performance!

The client has been experiencing significant growth in his activity thanks to the diversification of his customer base and the development of a national network of agencies. This expansion required a structured application migration and called for a network evolution. The solution suggested by Sonema allowed the client to carry out this migration in the best possible conditions despite problems faced during the migration phase.

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