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Guaranteed optimal network performance in all conditions through optimisation, monitoring and load balancing of your circuits.

Saturation, Latency Issues and Network Failures: Key Issues

  • Growing number of new business applications
  • Unsuitable network dimensions
  • Company centralisation and server consolidation on multiple sites
  • Cost optimisation issues
  • Network complexity: cloud, virtualisation, hybrid networks


  • Efficient bandwidth management for your circuits (QoS)
  • Reduces the costs associated with your technology resources
  • Improves reliability and resiliency
  • A better user experience
  • Allows you to concentrate on your core business

Network Booster: an Ongoing Network Optimisation Process

Control Booster

  • Network viewing, granular identification and monitoring of users by application
  • Detection and monitoring of traffic by port, application and protocol…
  • Management of CoS/QoS rules
  • Prioritisation of traffic by application and/or user

Optim Booster

  • Accelerated data transfer and applications for hybrid WAN networks
  • Deduplication, compression, caching
  • Protocol acceleration
  • Application acceleration

Load Balancing

  • Guaranteed high-availability networks using hybrid connectivity
  • Backup
  • Application load balancing
  • Link aggregation

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