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Your secure entirely-managed mailbox solution!
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A fully-managed and secure external email hosting service.

Outsource Your Mailbox Management

  • Deliver efficient email availability and security solutions
  • In-house expertise & regular training sessions required
  • Staff required
  • Staff no longer focused on the company’s core business
  • No need for major investments


  • Server installation and set up
  • System maintenance and licence updates
  • Admin-creating and deleting mailboxes
  • Profile updates and creating aliases
  • Identifying and authenticating Active Directory
  • Support available Monday-Friday from 8am to 6pm (French time) excluding French national holidays
Exchange Service: an Entirely Managed Solution

Delegate the management of your Microsoft Exchange email service with this fully outsourced managed mailbox hosting service. Exchange’s Sandbox option allows for advanced filtering of client mail traffic containing attachments or URLs using behavioural analysis carried out in an isolated environment which enables detection of “zero-day” viruses. The 3 service levels on offer allow us to tailor each package to meet your requirements whilst also benefiting from total flexibility when it comes to making changes to your service level or customised storage options in addition to offering you simple and predictable billing.

A Secure Solution

  • Secure mailbox hosting included in the pricing model (antispam filtering…)
  • Security and availability of confidential data (Datacentres and data base group in France)
  • Long-term archive storage

Premium Support

  • Expert customer support
  • Personalised recommendations
  • Requirement predictions via traffic monitoring

A Scalable Solution

  • Flexible service level changes and bespoke scalable storage
  • Reduces operational costs
  • Simple predictable invoicing

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