Network Access Control

Manage your users' access permissions to improve your cyber resilience
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Monitor which devices are allowed to access the network using fine-grained access control measures

Monitoring, Authentication and Protection of Devices and Users

  • Control who can enter the company network to prevent identity theft
  • Manage traceability of access to applications and resources
  • Allow guests to access the network on an as-needed basis, with access restrictions
  • Monitor unusual or suspicious behaviour to limit malicious activity


  • Possibility of redundancy to ensure high availability
  • Can be integrated from anywhere in the network using an IP connection
  • Scalable to multiple sites and millions of devices
  • No limit on the number of ports that can be supported simultaneously
Sonema's Solution for Compliance With Technological and Regulatory Requirements

Network Access Control is a solution that enables you to ensure visibility and traceability of all IoT and BYOD devices, combat identity theft and anticipate external abuse and unintentional employee error. Enhance your cyber resilience and strengthen your network security infrastructure by applying specific security policies. Based on Fortinet’s FortiNac solution, NAC gives you control, visibility and remediation.

Enhanced Security

  • Policy enforcement for IoT and BYOD users and devices
  • Policy lifecycle management
  • Remediation of cyber threats

Detailed profiling and visibility

  • Network-wide usage monitoring
  • Track and adjust policies as users and devices change
  • Reports for any unauthorised access attempts

Optimised productivity

  • Automated monitoring and protection requiring fewer IT resources
  • Reduced risk of financial loss from cyber attacks

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