Case Study

The client is a large French bank with operations worldwide and a significant presence on the African continent. Sonema has been providing support for the bank’s corporate network operations for over 20 years.

Initially, a satellite network interconnecting nearly 50 sites across 14 countries was installed. Our services were then expanded three years ago with the deployment of a hybrid network consisting of terrestrial MPLS connectivity and Internet access, secured by a VSAT solution with dynamic bandwidth allocation.

The Challenge

The bank’s telecoms needs have evolved with their business expansion and in order to be ever more efficient, they want to implement new business applications on their network.

The client now requires the installation of a new secure mode of communication between their many subsidiaries, in addition to a regional centralisation of applications and data.

This customer-driven expansion is also motivated by the need to improve network performance, optimise telecommunication costs, and comply with banking regulations.

Sonema's Solutions

To best meet the growing needs of the customer, Sonema suggested deploying SD-WAN technology, which optimises the management of telecom networks.

After an in-depth study, our technical experts defined an optimal business case in order to upgrade the existing hybrid architecture and support the new business requirements.

By implementing our SD-WAN solution, we provide centralised traffic control, increase network reliability, and optimise access through intelligent routing based on performance criteria per application.

A new configuration of the customer network was carried out to enable the bank to:

  • Improve application performance through policy orchestration
  • Ensure a better experience for users and guarantee the efficiency of business software and applications by optimising latency and congestion
  • Increase availability of the hybrid network through dynamic connectivity management
  • Optimise costs by using high-speed Internet connections to increase network capacity
  • Enjoy comprehensive visibility of the data and network applications

Sonema’s experts implemented the SD-WAN technology between the customer’s datacentre and two pilot subsidiaries in Africa, spread over 4 sites in 2 countries, for a period of two months in order to test the performance of this new technology.

Configuration of the client network integrating the SD-WAN solution:

Following these conclusive pilot tests, the deployment of SD-WAN was extended to the entire customer network, representing 24 sites in 12 ECOWAS?Economic Community of West African States and CEMACCommunauté Économique et Monétaire de l'Afrique Centrale - The Economic and Monetary Community of Central Africa countries and 2 datacentres in France.

The customer benefits from a dynamic and high-performance hybrid network, provided by an SD-WAN orchestrator that provides visibility and configuration information for network routing, optimisation and security rules. This orchestrator enables intelligent and centralised management of the policies applied to all endpoint devices (SD-WAN CPEs) deployed in the various branches.

Managed by our experts, this management interface enables the customer to centrally define, allocate and enforce the bank’s IT policies to provide high availability of critical applications and the required security controls.


The customer has informed us that they are completely satisfied with the new dynamic network management solution.

The allocation of additional interconnection capacity has made it possible to integrate new applications that perfectly meet the customer’s requirements for expansion.
Users benefit from a high quality experience with greater comfort when using business applications.

Improved network performance with SD-WAN technology is measurable by increased availability of connectivity to the datacentre.

The customer now has a better performing, more secure and highly resilient solution.

  • Performance and quality of experience
  • Enhanced security, visibility and reporting
  • Flexible and scalable network

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