Access Protection

Protect access to your critical applications and resources!
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Solutions for managing and securing global identities and access rights to your network

Protection and Traceability of Access to Data and Applications

  • Prevent fraudulent or malicious access to the IT system
  • Protect and encrypt data in transit
  • Access company resources anytime, anywhere, from any time of medium
  • Monitor and analyse traces of any user session with privileged access rights
  • Comply with GDPR, PCI-DSS, ISO 27001 regulations


  • Protect remotely accessible sensitive data
  • Strenghten access rights with strong authentication
  • Manage privileged access to servers
  • Centralise access credentials and passwords
  • Check activity in real-time
Sonema’s Solutions to Guarantee the Security of Your IT System

Security and Authentication

  • Enhanced remote access procedure
  • Secure two-factor authentication
  • Wireless and VPN certificates
  • End-to-end traffic security

Protection and Backup

  • Real-time supervision of privileged access accounts
  • Automatic authorisation, authentication and revocation rules
  • Password-protected vault

Full Visibility

  • Simplified management of users, applications and data
  • Video recordings and replay of sessions
  • Dashboards and context-sensitive reports

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Audit & Consulting

Risk assessment and support from our experts to implement your security policy.

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