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Stay safe from cyber-attacks!
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Advanced and powerful protection against spam and malicious programs targeting your mailbox.

Optimum Security for Your Business Emails

  • Intelligent spam filtering to optimise productivity for systems staff
  • High-performance protection to minimise the impact on critical business processes
  • Email security managed by a team of experts to optimise productivity for IT staff
  • Streamlined investments and operating costs


  • Use the very latest email filtering techniques
  • Scalable service with no restrictions
  • Rapid service availability
  • No material or maintenance required
  • Direct access to our network team and security experts
An Efficient Solution From Sonema Against Phishing and Viral Attacks

Security and Reliability

  • Protection for both facilities and networks
  • Encrypted data handled
  • Advanced antivirus and antispam analysis
  • Behavioural analysis of attachments and URLs

Efficiency and Performance

  • Reduced traffic congestion by deleting spam mails before they reach the mailbox
  • Minimised false-positive results
  • The latest detection/remediation techniques

A Managed Service

  • Scalable service levels
  • Simplified invoicing based on the number of mailboxes
  • Analytical reporting for mail traffic

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