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Stay safe from cyber-attacks!
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Advanced and powerful protection against spam and malicious programs targeting your mailbox.

Optimum Security for Your Business Emails

  • Intelligent spam filtering to optimise productivity for systems staff
  • High-performance protection to minimise the impact on critical business processes
  • Email security managed by a team of experts to optimise productivity for IT staff
  • Streamlined investments and operating costs


  • Use the very latest email filtering techniques
  • Scalable service with no restrictions
  • Rapid service availability
  • No material or maintenance required
  • Direct access to our network team and security experts
An Efficient Solution From Sonema Against Phishing and Viral Attacks

Email has become the primary attack vector used by cybercriminals and the standard anti-spam tools included with your email system are no longer adequate protection against these threats. Deployed from our Tier III Datacentre in Frejus (France), Sonema’s Mail Protection offer enables advanced filtering and analysis of incoming emails via a proxy mail server.
Two modules are available: the SecureMail proxy, which provides multi-layer protection of email against threats from known ransomware or spam and the Sandbox module. Using behavioural analysis, Sandbox offers additional protection by processing files and URLs identified in e-mails filtered by SecureMail to enable the detection of “zero day” viruses.

Security and Reliability

  • Protection for both facilities and networks
  • Encrypted data handled
  • Advanced antivirus and antispam analysis
  • Behavioural analysis of attachments and URLs

Efficiency and Performance

  • Reduced traffic congestion by deleting spam mails before they reach the mailbox
  • Minimised false-positive results
  • The latest detection/remediation techniques

A Managed Service

  • Scalable service levels
  • Simplified invoicing based on the number of mailboxes
  • Analytical reporting for mail traffic

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