Sonema’s Partners

Our Business Partners

As part of our business development strategy, in 2017 Sonema established business partners in 4 countries: Burkina Faso, Niger, Guinea and Senegal. These partners are local relay points for our customers and uphold Sonema’s mission and values.


1293, avenue Kwamé N’Krumah
10 BP 13920 Ouagadougou 10
Burkina Faso
+226 760 41 804

Gamma Informatique

Rue du Souvenir 184,
face immeuble Sonara
BP 10611 Niamey Niger
+227 207 22 015

Afribone Guinée

Immeuble Al iman, Avenue de la République Kaloum
BP 3706 Conakry
+224 621 353 561

2IT Services

50 Cité des Jeunes Cadres Lébous Liberté 6
+221 77 871 41 44

Our Technical Partners

Sonema brings together a network of technical partners in 43 African countries. These partners are local relay points for our customers. They are trained and certified in Sonema procedures and allow us to carry out rapid and well-managed interventions on customer installations.

Experienced and reliable, they make up the « Sonema Partners Circle », a unique local task force who:


  • Actively promote close ties with each customer;
  • Carry out level 1 installations and maintenance on the sites;
  • Contribute effectively to Sonema’s quality of service.

Our Technology Partners

Sonema works with the leaders of the technology market in order to provide clients with the very highest quality of service in addition to high-performance innovations.

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