Security Services

Information technology is at the heart of all business procedures and as a result, security is a critical issue. Infrastructures, systems and organisations are all concerned by security.

Sonema supports its customers during the audit and consulting phases and offers them optimum security solutions for their applications and stored data.

Manage the security of your data and information systems.

Our Offers

Audit & Consulting

  • Help to set up an IT Security policy
  • Network and infrastructure audits
  • Operating system audits
  • Organisational audits

Data Protection

  • Web content protection and internet traffic security
  • Protection of mail services
  • Détection des menaces de type ‘zero-day’
  • Advanced anti-spam and antivirus features
  • Next Generation UTM filtering platform
  • Behaviour analysis

Mail Protection

  • Protection for both facilities and networks
  • Encrypted data handled
  • Advanced antivirus and antispam analysis
  • Behavioural analysis of attachments and URLs (Sandbox option)

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These days, IT systems are at the heart of all business procedures.

Omnipresent and ever evolving, they absorb and treat increasingly sensitive information every day. As cornerstones of strategic development for businesses, they are particularly vulnerable to the threat of an attack. This white paper describes the various threats which businesses are facing, and outlines the main technological and organisational solutions to apply.

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