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Data at the Heart of Business

Information Systems (IS) are at the heart of business procedures. Used in all professions and networks, they are constantly evolving to assimilate and treat ever-increasing amounts of sensitive data each day.

At high risk of malicious attacks from organisations and individuals using software available on the Internet, IS now need to push past their traditional boundaries and expand the perimeter to protect when it comes to fighting external threats.

From threat management to IT risk prevention, IS protection is a key issue. It’s no longer a case of if will you be attacked, instead it’s when will you be attacked? So, in addition to preventing attacks, we also need to ensure service continuity and business recovery after an attack.

To take advantage of specialised solutions, businesses can work with external companies who offer managed services. They will define and implement risk analysis procedures and a cyber-security strategy. 

A Global Expertise

Sonema offers a global approach to security for IT systems and networks and ensures continuity of service and asset protection for its clients. As telecommunication networks provide support for IT facilities, it is vital to protect client data, traffic and applications.

Within our support framework, Sonema will help you to define, implement and check the compliancy of your global IT security systems policy. This analysis allows us to identify any weaknesses in the architecture.

Additionally, Sonema has created a managed service offer, which aims to protect businesses from cyber-attacks and malicious software using the latest threat prevention technologies.

Sonema will help you define your global cyber defence strategy and will protect your networks, applications and data.

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Security Expertise
  • Robust secure facilities offering high availability
  • Equipment management and set-up, incident management carried out by certified experts
Innovative Services
  • Tailored solutions for business applications
  • Partnership with market leaders in security technology
Management tailored to your requirements
  • Management of customer equipment
  • Managed services hosted at our datacentre

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Audit & Consulting

Risk assessment and support from our experts to implement your security policy.

Data Protection

A complete range of solutions designed to protect you against cyberattacks and advanced network threats.

Mail Protection

Advanced and powerful protection against spam and malicious programs targeting your mailbox.

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