Our Customers

In a fiercely competitive environment, market specialisation is a key element for success. This is straightforward for those who know how to manage and exploit data, but specialisation requires structured technical choices.

Our customers operate across various sectors: Banking and institutions, mining and energy operators. They need to be able to concentrate and focus their resources on their core business to ensure their development: commercial development, customer relations, effective data usage, product development and management of an operational base.

At the same time, they need to rely on complex networks, which can be a major challenge in difficult zones. Therefore, it is vital that their IT and telecom services are reliable and secure and provide an optimal level of confidence.

This is where Sonema comes in.

Our Customers’ Issues

Enhance Productivity

  • Contractual commitments for service availability
  • Highest levels of security: data backup and external hosting, regular audits performed by experts
  • Powerful and reliable access anywhere for front and back-office applications

Increase Growth

  • Permanent technological watch to introduce new services
  • Support to identify IT and telecom requirements
  • Ongoing efforts to optimise costs

Boost Innovation

  • Focus staff on their core business
  • Remove network and data access restrictions
  • Mobilise staff for customer innovations

Sonema: A Committed Partner

Sonema is at your side on a daily basis and will help you face these challenges by offering tailor-made solutions in a collaborative framework. With a mindset geared towards results, by understanding your issues we will develop a solid partnership with you.

Your future, our commitment.

With Prestigious References

For over 20 years more than 100 clients operating in various sectors (Banking, Financial Institutions, Energy, Oil & Gas) have trusted us to design, install and operate their telecoms networks.

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