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An Essential Requirement

A key factor for business success is the ability to offer new specific and secure products and services to meet customer and partner requirements. Customers expect both their local and centralised IT applications to perform in all circumstances.

There are multiple challenges: application, network and architecture complexity, increasing dependence on IT tools, digital transformation etc.

It is vital for businesses to be able to depend on a partner who can guarantee:


  • Permanent and secure connectivity for traffic and data;
  • Seamless resiliency;
  • Maximum application performance;
  • Service continuity.

Robust Hybrid Networks

Sonema offers tailor-made solutions using different technologies fully-mastered by our teams.

We provide a global connectivity service using complementary terrestrial, VSAT and hybrid solutions. Solutions are chosen based on the customer’s requirements, application constraints, geographical areas and budgetary options.

Whether we’re providing a simple Internet access or interconnecting multiple agencies based in several countries with or without sharing joint resources, Sonema offers tailor-made solutions to meet the requirements of each of our customers.

Sonema also offers solutions which optimise and prioritise customers application flows.

Sonema is committed to providing service quality and ongoing availability for your networks. Businesses need powerful, consistent and scalable solutions.


Maximum Resiliency
  • Alternative transmission paths with automated dynamic switching
  • Up to 100% availability
Enhanced Performance
  • Dynamic bandwidth allocation with additional bandwidth as required
  • Forecast and management of network congestion
Better Cost Management
  • Enhanced operational costs
  • Optimisation of traffic between remote sites

Discover Our Connectivity Services

Satellite Links

Rapid, easy to install corporate VSAT links. iDirect, Vipersat and SCPC/FDMA solutions available.

Terrestrial MPLS

Dedicated, secure, high-performance terrestrial connectivity.

Premium Internet Services

Dedicated Internet access for a secure, reliable and high performance terrestrial connection.


A tailor-made range of securely integrated and optimised videoconferencing equipment for your network.

Network Booster

Guaranteed optimal network performance in all conditions through optimisation, monitoring and load balancing of your circuits.


A secure customised Web-based interface to view your network performance and quality of service.

Star Lite

A secure and scalable high-quality high-speed asymmetrical Internet connection to meet your Internet requirements.

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