Terrestrial MPLS

Tailor-made Connectivity!
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Dedicated, secure, high-performance terrestrial connectivity for all your critical applications.

Secure and Seamless Connectivity: a Business Requirement

  • Maximal network availability wherever you are in Europe and Africa
  • Private, highly secure network for all your business critical applications
  • Data and throughput prioritising for seamless communication systems
  • Scalable and adaptable networks to meet your requirements


  • Dedicated symmetrical access: throughput from 1Mbps to 1Gbps
  • Highly-secure connections combined with high-performance SLAs
  • Secure, prioritised throughput
  • Rapidly scalable network capacity
  • Routes operated via the Sonema NOC 24/7
  • SLA compliance monitored via web-based interface SkyView
Sonema’s Terrestrial MPLS: an Efficient Tailor-made Solution

In order to deliver your business-critical applications, we offer a range of dedicated, secure and high-performance terrestrial connectivity solutions. Our partnerships with all the major international operators guarantee tailor-made and totally private links for your data, voice and videoconference communications in addition to your business-critical applications. Based on the MPLS Layer 3 protocol, we provide Europe-Africa and Intra-Africa links (fibre optic using terrestrial or submarine cable) plus domestic links (Fibre optic, wireless local loop, copper).

Optimal Networks

  • Dedicated connectivity using MPLS protocol
  • Extended coverage
  • Service managed by our specialists
  • Controlled performance

Reliable and Robust

  • Guaranteed security and resilience
  • Guaranteed SLA commitments
  • Network visibility and control

Flexibility and Scalability

  • Different levels of resilience available
  • Class of Service management (CoS)
  • Nominal, backup or hybrid networks
  • Ease of configuration

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