Our Story

Sonema: a 30-Year History


Sonema is created

Based in Monaco, Sonema initially specialises in the distribution of telecom material.


Sky Services are launched

Sonema becomes one of the first suppliers of Satellite connectivity in Europe and becomes a network service provider.


Lognes-Paris Teleport

Over 8000 sq.m. with 12 antennas, the teleport allows Sonema to be autonomous and independent with regards to satellite link management.


Technical Centre in Frejus

Over 10 000 sq.m., it hosts 7 antennas from 3.8 to 9 m, supervision services and a data centre. Its development allows Sonema to take an important step forward.


40th Partnership

Signature of the 40th technical partnership with a company based in Burundi.


DRC Subsidiary

Sonema DRC subsidiary opens in Kinshasa. It operates across the country and carries out equipment maintenance on our customer sites.


Training Centre

Share Our Space training centre opens. This new facility allows the Sonema group to offer training sessions to our partners and customers.


New range of services

Launch of a new range of services to target the changing needs of our customers: Connectivity, Security and Hosting.

A Letter From the President

What a story!

It all began during a evening in the fall of 1996. Sonema was then a baby company with three employees, a public telecommunications products distributor of a major French company in Monaco. It was one of these nights when you put the world to rights, when nothing is impossible, and when you begin to believe that you can do anything..

Therefore, we told ourselves our first value would be freedom, the freedom to do business everywhere, and offer the best to everybody. We would do it with respect and humbleness, carefully listening to our clients’ needs, always striving to find the best solutions, without ever being tied down to a single provider.

What an idea!

Destiny gave us a little nudge forward. We understood that Africa would rise soon, and that its needs would be massive. Pathfinders showed us the way; pioneers cleared paths in the continent. We made some friends, partners, clients in this uneven but generous world. We loved Africa. And it loved us back. We became a major satellite telecommunications provider there.

We always reinvested all of our profits in better infrastructure; we build our own teleports. Of course, we could have gone faster, stronger, and higher by using external resources, but during that very first night, we decided we would always strive for independence.

We operate in 40 countries where we have loyal and efficient partners. We have installed over 670 stations for prestigious customers. But we also help humanitarian organisations to give back some of what Africa has given us, an academic centre in Mali, a maternity unit in Niger, a school in DRC. And we support the Principality of Monaco’s participation in the Astana 2017 international exhibition which is dedicated to the energies of the future.

Our new missions are going forward with sharing, and training our clients and partners.

A beautiful (hi)story! A beautiful idea… and loyalty to our initial dream!

Bernard Delorme

Bernard Delorme

President of the Sonema group

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