Hosting Services

Outsourcing IT infrastructures frees clients from operational constraints, optimises costs, and ensures business and operational continuity.

Sonema offers comprehensive solutions which enable us to maintain access and permanently monitor data. We also offer value-added services which are entirely managed in SaaS mode.

Deploy a new range of managed services quickly and easily.

Our Offers

Virtual Machine

  • Simplified outsourcing
  • Guaranteed resources, storage and bandwidth
  • Rapid automatic multilevel storage
  • Physical isolation and redundant infrastructures
  • Private datacentre for maximum confidentiality


  • Rack rental
  • Private room
  • Redundant equipment (power, air conditioning, feed…)


  • External message service
  • High-availability Exchange server
  • OWA access
  • Upgradeable storage
  • Dedicated domain name

Save & Restore

  • Support for physical and virtual infrastructures
  • Numerous applications supported

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