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Managing Complex Systems

IT plays a key role within any company, with users needing ever-increasing amounts of storage space and rapid information processing. Additionally, there are new access methods to consider, particularly with regards to mobility.

The increasingly complex nature of IT systems and the growth of network technologies have had two major impacts:

  • The increase in investments and operating costs for equipment and systems
  • The need for additional technical expertise

Outsourcing IT tools allows companies to focus on their core business. It also enables them to focus their staff on less time-consuming tasks while reducing handling and maintenance costs.

But outsourcing is a significant step. It’s important to rely on a qualified partner who will accompany your business and future projects on a long-term basis.

Tailor-Made Hosting

Sonema offers hosting solutions for customer IT facilities in order to guarantee service continuity. We also offer a wide range of Iaas, PaaS and SaaS hosting services to protect their critical data.

We provide you with access to our secure datacentre, virtualisation facilities, network resources and a high-performance SAN.

Sonema can provide assistance for all types of hosting project from colocation offers, IaaS hosting on virtual machines or SaaS managed services and you can also count on our support for your BCP/DRP projects.

Sonema offers you scalable hosting solutions based on robust connectivity and effective security solutions.


Predictable Costs
  • Pay-as-you-grow invoicing
  • All Inclusive: no hidden costs or investments
Tailor-Made Offers
  • Dedicated and scalable capacity
  • BCP/DRP plans
  • Multi-platform environment
Access to Our Facilities
  • Privately-owned, fully redundant datacentre
  • Tier-III design – PCI-DSS certified
  • Europa-Africa backbone

Discover Our Hosting Services

Virtual Servers

A cloud computing service which uses virtual machines (VM) to provide the very highest levels of security.


The best service to protect your data and ensure your business continuity.


A fully-managed and secure external email hosting service.

Save & Restore

An outsourced backup service to secure and restore data in case of disaster.


Rack rental, private rooms and redundant equipments (power, air conditioning, feed…)

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