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Digitise, sign and manage your documents in a few clicks!
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Improve productivity by using e-signatures to reduce approval time

Streamlined Approval and Signature Process

  • Accelerate the process cycle of agreements and contracts
  • Guarantee the authenticity and integrity of signed documents
  • Benefit from tools that allow teams to work remotely
  • Facilitate time-consuming and repetitive administrative tasks
  • Workflow visibility and monitoring


  • 3 signature levels, tailored to the level of electronic signature to your security, risk and compliance needs
  • Quick and efficient processing
  • Enhanced productivity and performance
  • Legal compliance and security
Sonema's Solution for Compliance With Technological and Regulatory Requirements

Sonema’s Electronic Signature service enables you to improve your productivity and optimise your company’s approval processes. Based on the market-leading DocuSign® solution, this service is based on a digital mechanism with multiple functions that guarantee the integrity and authenticity of your documents. Thanks to the Electronic Signature service, you can now manage your internal or external workflows and thus save time and optimise your costs.

Efficiency and Speed of Processing

  • Send documents and sign in a few clicks
  • Simple interface for a user-friendly experience
  • Automation of administrative tasks

Enhanced Productivity and Sustainable Performance

  • Optimised signature circuit
  • Remote signing from any device
  • Reduced environmental footprint

Legal Compliance and Security

  • Authenticity and guaranteed signatory identity
  • Compliance assurance and legal risk reduction (eIDAS*)
  • Document encryption and sealing

*eIDAS : electronic IDentification,Authentication and trust Services for electronic transactions

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