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Securing your data and systems!
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An outsourced backup service to secure and restore data in case of disaster.

Safeguard Your Business by Anticipating Problems

  • Anticipate loss of revenue and damage to your reputation
  • Backup critical data professionally
  • Address natural and geopolitical risks
  • Address malicious attacks
  • Optimise costs
  • Protect against data theft or IT failure


  • Operator: expertise in network management and related issues
  • End to end support from dedicated experts who specialise in hosting
  • Focus on the company’s core business
  • Reports from SkyView, a network supervision platform
Save & Restore: Peace of Mind For Your Business

The Save&Restore service offers an outsourced backup to secure and restore your data in the event of a disaster. Following an audit of your network and IT environments, end-to-end encryption is applied to your data at our proprietary Tier III datacentre while you define your own customised data retention policy. The Save&Restore solution is compatible with multiple environments (Microsoft Windows® and Linux®, VMware®, Hyper-V®) and applications (Exchange®, SharePoint®, Active Directory® / SQL Server®, Oracle® and Sybase®).

External Back-Up Operations

  • 3-2-1 rule compliance
  • Secure proprietary PCI DSS compliant datacentre
  • Customisable backup policy
  • Rapid and proven service restoration


  • Focus staff on your core business
  • Optimise CAPEX with the “Infrastructure-as-a-Service” offer

Autonomy and Flexibility

  • Consoles managed in on-premises mode or as a managed operation
  • Supports multiple environments

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The ideal service to protect your data and ensure your business continuity.

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