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A secure customised Web-based interface to view your network performance and quality of service.

Transparent Data and Network Information

  • Benefit from a secure supervision tool
  • Monitor performance levels
  • Follow up on incident recovery measures
  • Ensure compliance with SLAs
  • Manage throughput optimisation


  • Precise and real-time information on your networks’ performance
  • 24/7 network supervision and management
  • Diagnosis in case of failure
  • Solar outages prediction
Sky View: Visualise Statistics and Control Your Network Performance

Skyview is a secure and fully-customised web-based interface which displays your network performance and quality of service. The Skyview platform provides global visibility of your network latency, bandwidth quality, and various error rates. You can view monthly network availability (%) by country and by subsidiary while also reporting and tracking incident tickets, configuration change requests and RMA returns. Additionally, Skyview can also predict upcoming Solar Outages interruptions.

24/7 Network Supervision

  • Traffic monitoring and service availability
  • Automatic alarms upon a network incident
  • Multiple locations
  • Data history compilation

A Useful Tool

  • Available for all types of network
  • Complete control of your infrastructures
  • In-depth reports

Guaranteed Quality of Service

  • Enhanced performance thanks to monitoring resource usage
  • Network optimisation according to requirements
  • Monitoring by our qualified specialists

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Audit & Consulting

Risk assessment and support from our experts to implement your security policy.

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