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Risk assessment and support from our experts to implement your security policy.

A Successful Cybersecurity Policy Must Meet the Following Requirements

  • Prevent fraudulent or malicious access to the IT system
  • Protect and encrypt data in transit
  • Access company resources anytime, anywhere, from any time of medium
  • Monitor and analyse traces of any user session with privileged access rights
  • Comply with GDPR, PCI-DSS, ISO 27001 regulations


  • Protect yourself from cyberattacks and reduce their impact
  • Increase the zone of protection
  • Obtain a complete and detailed appraisal
  • Benefit from assistance with your strategic decisions
  • Ensure the integrity of your IT systems
  • Assessment of all technical suppliers
  • Ensure regular monitoring of the existing security policy
A Tailored Solution to Fit the Needs of Your Professional Environment

To better define your Cyber Security strategy, you can rely on Sonema’s Audit and Consulting offer. A technical audit will diagnose your security measures and the resiliency of your system configuration while an organisational audit will validate your company’s compliance with standards and regulations. You can then complete your analysis with manual or automated Pentests, which allow you to assess the resilience of your IT systems by simulating malicious attacks. Together, these solutions will help you develop your cyber resiliency framework.

Security Analysis

  • Assessment of the security environment
  • Assessment of the levels of vulnerability
  • Observation of exposure to risks and security measures

Audit and Analysis

  • Vulnerability and risk identification
  • Prioritising corrective measures
  • Recommendations tailored to meet regulatory requirements

Support and Consulting

  • Support for ISO 27001 or PCI DSS compliance
  • Help to implement a cybersecurity policy
  • Assistance to ensure regulatory compliance

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