Virtual Servers

An optimal solution for maximum flexibility!
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A cloud computing service which uses virtual machines (VM) to provide the very highest levels of security.

Flexibility, Optimisation, Availability: Key Issues

  • Quickly deploy and adapt VM to match workload requirements
  • Improve cost management
  • Streamline IT infrastructures
  • Anticipate increasing storage requirements
  • Carry out operational maintenance for services and applications


  • All-inclusive offer: no hidden costs, no thin provisioning, no IOPS performance counter…
  • Secure Environment: proprietary datacentre with Tier III PCI DSS compliant design at the heart of the customer’s network connectivity
  • Partnership mode solution: customer assistance and advice for all telecom projects
  • Dedicated specialist advisor

Virtual Servers: Using The IaaS Model

Secure and Scalable Service

  • Business Continuity Plan for infrastructures
  • Tier III design Datacentre PCI DSS compliant
  • Next Generation Firewalls included
  • Experts in connectivity, security and hosting

Cost Efficiency

  • Pay As You Grow model
  • All-inclusive offer with no hidden costs
  • Optimisation of investments (CAPEX) and operating costs (OPEX)

Peace of Mind and Flexibility

  • Scale your VM to meet requirements
  • Fully-managed back-up and VM replication
  • Three service levels

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