SD-WAN Service

Boost your application performance!
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A fully managed service for the active and optimised management of your hybrid networks.

Your WAN Issues

  • Efficiently managing a WAN infrastructure which is increasingly complex
  • Enabling consistent and reliable application performance while dealing with inconsistent network connections
  • Effectively support the migration of applications to the Cloud
  • Overcome performance and security issues with Internet connections
  • Quickly deploy new configuration rules on the entire network
  • Handle one-time capacity requests easily


  • Network analysis, recommendations and architecture
  • Setup, configuration and service orchestration
  • Strict SLAs with associated penalties
  • The freedom to use a service using a connection provided by Sonema or another operator
  • Network expert with proven experience in deploying complex hybrid networks
SD-WAN Sonema: the answer to your evolving WAN needs

In order to meet the new challenges posed by WAN networks (increasing configuration complexity, Cloud usage, multiple and flexible deployments etc), Sonema has developed a dedicated SD-WAN offer for the intelligent and optimised management of your hybrid networks. Offered in managed mode and combining the low latency of terrestrial links with the maximum availability of satellite, Sonema’s hybrid offer is designed to boost your network and application performance. Our partners Silver Peak and Fortinet provide support for our SD-WAN solution while security is ensured by the use of next generation firewalls (NGFW)

An Enhanced User Experience

  • Optimised routing
  • Application-specific SLAs
  • Reduced service outages

Improved Security

  • Full protection against external threats (NGFW)
  • Secure Internet and Cloud access
  • Traffic encryption

Agilité accrue

  • Centralised controller which enables global network overview plus improved troubleshooting
  • Real-time follow-up of traffic and application performance
  • Automated deployment of rules and sites (ZTP)

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