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Enjoy a fast, reliable and secure connection to Azure Cloud
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Your private connection to the Microsoft Azure and Office365 services

A Robust Infrastructure When Using Microsoft's Cloud Services

  • Ensure seamless access to the Azure cloud applications
  • Enable successful periodic replication of data
  • Count on a reliable infrastructure for access to critical data
  • Enjoy a smooth and easy user experience
  • Have sufficient capacity to transfer large amounts of data


  • Guaranteed service continuity to Microsoft Cloud applications
  • Dedicated and reliable connections to Microsoft Azure to ensure the security of your critical data
  • Direct access and private connectivity to the Microsoft cloud plus a PoP of your choice for minimised latency depending on your location
  • Dedicated bandwidth for Azure services with none of the performance variations and risk of security breaches encountered when using the public Internet
Sonema: A MS Azure ExpressRoute Partner

As a Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute partner, Sonema offers you a robust infrastructure when using Microsoft cloud services. Your network is one of the major components of a Cloud strategy, based on 3 key factors: Security, Performance and Reliability. With our ExpressRoute offer, take advantage of dedicated bandwidth adapted to Azure services with none of the performance variations and/or risk of security breaches encountered when using the public Internet. With a POP in London or Cape Town and a 99.9% SLA guarantee, Sonema’s ExpressRoute offer is an end-to-end solution for accessing your critical IaaS, PaaS and SaaS applications located in the Microsoft Cloud.

Dedicated Microsoft Azure connections

  • Extension of your local network to the (MS)Cloud
  • Secure access to the Azure Cloud and Office 365 services
  • Optimal user experience

High Availability

  • 99.9% ExpressRoute availability guarantee
  • High quality of service commitment (SLA)
  • Higher bandwidth from 50 to 200 Mbps

Fast and Reliable

  • Resiliency for your IaaS et PaaS services
  • Redundant connections between infrastructures
  • Private links, completely separate from the public Internet
  • Minimised latency to Azure Cloud

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