Test the security of your IT infrastructure!
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Monitor your level of protection by carrying out intrusion tests on your Information System (IS) and networks

Proper Protection for Your Systems and Information

  • Assess and evaluate the security level of the IT infrastructure (workstations, servers, etc.)
  • Identify threats to your business
  • Identify critical weaknesses and mitigate risks before they occur
  • Ensure compliance with PCI-DSS standards during regulatory security audits


  • Manual tests: One-off simulations of attacks carried out by security experts to exploit potential vulnerabilities
  • Automated tests: Continuous global simulations of attacks performed by virtual machines
  • Identification of vulnerabilities that could be exploited from inside and outside the Information System
  • Monitoring compliance with standards
Maximise Safety and Minimise the Risk to Your Business

Malicious attacks on information systems are increasing and becoming more complex. Companies must therefore face up to this challenge and protect their systems and data. Penetration tests (or “pentest”) meet these objectives. Pentest generally involves analysing the network infrastructure in order to simulate an attack by a malicious user or even malicious software. Carried out by a pentester, manually or automatically, they allow you to measure your level of protection and evaluate the resilience of your information systems.

Security and Protection

  • Advanced penetration testing and analysis of IS response to cyber threats
  • Verification of the real-time impact of cyber intrusions
  • Up-to-date and effective protection to reduce the impact on critical business processes

Performance and Compliance

  • Analysis of IS solutions in the face of real cyber threats
  • Evolution of network infrastructure to prevent attacks
  • Ensuring regulatory compliance

Global Security Approach

  • Detailed reports about the vulnerabilities and risks the company is exposed to
  • Support for corrective actions
  • Implementation of appropriate patches

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Audit & Consulting

Risk assessment and support from our experts to implement your security policy.

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