Cyber Security Awareness

Building a cyber security culture in your organisation
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Cyber security awareness training enables your employees to adopt the correct approach in order to avoid data loss

Strengthen Your Cyber Security by Reducing the Risk of Human Error

  • Recognise high-risk situations: phishing, malware or ransomware
  • Prevent risks caused by human error
  • Enjoy flawless data protection
  • Prioritise protection of confidential information
  • Maintain corporate brand awareness and business
  • Comply with PCI-DSS requirements and standards


  • Awareness programmes tailored to your employees
  • Over 100 customisable training modules, available online
  • Monitoring and measuring improvements
  • Module management and reallocation
  • Reminders and notifications
An efficient internal cyber security strategy is the key to a cyber enterprise.

Building a cyber security culture in your organization. Take advantage of a customizable platform offering training modules for security awareness. Regularly train your employees using real-life scenarios in order to implement best practices and the right behaviors in the event of a cyber-attack. Implement your campaign in 5 steps: Analyse, Plan, Deploy, Measure and Optimise.

Fun and Efficient Training Sessions

  • Interactive and immersive e-learning
  • Discover the best security practices through real-life scenarios
  • Acquisition of operational skills

Customised and Flexible Strategies

  • Awareness campaigns tailored to your company and your users
  • Innovative and progressive learning environment
  • Administrator management interface

Scalable Analysis and Optimisation

  • Assessment of the company’s cyber maturity
  • Human risk measurement
  • Performance indicators to optimise subsequent campaigns

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