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A secure and scalable high-quality high-speed asymmetrical Internet connection to meet your Internet requirements.

The Explosive Growth of Internet Usage

  • Secure robust connections using VPN tunnels
  • Address ever-increasing internet requirements
  • Enjoy a high-performance service
  • Meet real-time requirements for critical applications
  • Interconnect ATM and ACD systems


  • Up to 2,5Mbps for 5 Watts with IDirect
  • Maximum 5Mbps upstream with Heights
  • Various oversubscription options available
  • Skyview service included in the offer
Star Lite: Your Simple and Reliable Tailor-made Solution

The Star Lite service uses 4 satellites for global coverage in Africa and the Middle East and provides secure and scalable high quality broadband access for your main Internet requirements. The iDirect and Comtech platforms are available for upstream speeds of up to 2.5Mbps for 5 Watts in iDirect and Max 5 Mbps for Comtech Heights. Star Lite is suitable for web browsing, IP telephony and email and can also be upgraded to a FDMA or DSCPC network. The Star Lite service can be customised for low-speed stations (both mobile & fixed) and allows you to conveniently interconnect ATMs, offering easy access to electronic payments in remote regions.

Bespoke Internet Connections

  • Available for all types of networks
  • Vast majority of Internet requirements covered
  • Optimised bandwidth management
  • Scalable service with a wide range of oversubscription options

Quality and Reliability

  • Guaranteed SLAs
  • Class of Service and QoS rule management
  • Easily deployed using proven equipment


  • Secure connection
  • Traffic monitoring plus 24/7 availability with local partners
  • Real-time view of network information

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