Get reliable, supported virtualisation for your enterprise applications. Enjoy benefits like flexible computing, scalability and availability; combined with the reliability, easy management, and advanced features of enterprise-class virtualisation technology. Your applications and data are hosted in our private datacenter, for maximum security and privacy.

Get out of the datacenter business

Our VMs are virtualized on-demand servers, structured as an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). They behave just like physical servers so that they are easy for you to work with. This means you can move your production workloads from your premises into our fully managed Datacenter and still control your VMs directly.


  • Reduce investment costs and free up your IT resources
  • Shorten time-to-deployment
  • Expand server capacity quickly
  • Pay only for resources you order
  • Ideal for Business Continuity Plans
  • Industry-leading uptime and SLA guarantees
  • Professionals ready to help architect complexed virtualized environments


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