Monaco-Lomé, 11th May 2022As part of their efforts to enhance operational security, the OMOA Group has chosen Sonema to deploy a dedicated infrastructure interconnecting their electronic payment systems.

Sonema has installed a secure VSAT network interconnecting the Operator Payment System datacentre in Lomé, (a subsidiary of the OMOA Group) to OMOA’s customers including banks and financial institutions across 11 African countries. This connectivity solution, which is critical for providing real-time secure access banking services relies on Sonema’s teleport facilities in France.

Sonema has complemented this solution whilst supporting the implementation of a Business Continuity Plan for Operator Payment System Togo, by hosting the OMOA Group’s virtual backup servers in its PCI-DSS-compliant datacentre in France. These servers will be managed directly by the OMOA subsidiary teams in Lomé, a new digital hub in sub-Saharan Africa.

The OMOA Group’s vision is to provide the people of Africa with secure and innovative methods of payment to contribute to the economic development of both individuals and countries. Thanks to their strong regional presence, OMOA promotes inclusive economic growth by acting as a strategic partner to their clients, enabling businesses and customers to conduct electronic payments securely on all platforms across Africa.

With this new installation, OMOA’s electronic payment processing and card personalisation centre now has a highly resilient network for business applications and can provide a reliable electronic payment platform to their customers while providing support for the digitalisation of their banking services, making them securely accessible across all channels on a 24/7 basis.

Philippe LERMUSIAUX, the Director of Operator Payment System: “This new telecom infrastructure will enable us to provide widespread access to a range of electronic and digital services for customers of banks and financial institutions in Africa. This is a significant step forward that will increase the number of people living in these territories who have access to banking services, which is an essential condition for promoting the financial inclusion of these populations.

Yves DU SAULT, Sonema’s Deputy Sales Director: “We are honoured that the OMOA group has chosen to entrust Sonema with this new project. This decision reinforces Sonema’s position as a key partner for operators in the African electronic payment ecosystem. All of Sonema’s teams are dedicated to providing support for the expansion of the OMOA group.

About Sonema

In a digital environment which is continuously evolving, data control and exploitation are and will remain an integral part of competitiveness and distinctiveness of companies. It has become essential to set up a strategy to secure flows and protect data.

By operating and managing scalable, bespoke telecommunications solutions, Sonema supports its customers in their projects every day. With commitment in mind, and with a strong understanding of what is at stake, we want to be a proactive partner for our customers by allowing them to concentrate on the heart of their profession and on their business innovation.

Faithful to our values of respect, transparence and responsibility, we place trust at the heart of the relation with our customers.

Sonema, also means:

  • 66 colleagues who are committed to our customers, every day
  • 767 customer installations in 45 countries
  • 37 certified partners all over the African continent

About the OMOA Group

The OMOA Group is the leading player in Africa for innovative and secure payment solutions. Close to its customers with a true global digital payment platform, OMOA Group is the strategic partner of banks, microfinance institutions, telecom operators, institutions and administrations. By offering our clients advice, we provide them with an upstream marketing strategy and ensure successful partnerships through our turnkey and tailor-made offers across the entire payment value chain.

As a Full Digital Payment Provider, we provide secure payment services, electronic payment processing, secure management of ATM, POS, mobile and mPos networks. We also provide embedded payment applications, customised innovative digital solutions, marketing for both hardware plus card production and personalisation services. Our digital solutions offer our customers a unique customer experience thanks to our privileged relationship and our local presence.

Excellence, Service, Passion, Respect, Integrity and Talent are the values that drive the daily operations of all our employees in order to best serve the interests of each of our clients. This is the E.S.P.R.I.T OMOA!

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