Network intrusion attempts are more and more frequent putting businesses at risk, spam emails are multiplying and phishing is increasingly widespread. How secure is your network? Viruses, spyware….. Your data and your operations are at risk.

Following an audit of your systems and networks, plus a risk analysis, the installation of SecurE Sky allows you to enhance the level of supervision and protection of your applications and network traffic with many features:

  • Firewall: Allows you to control the incoming and outgoing traffic, safeguard segmented networks, and establish secure connections in VPN mode for your mobile users.
  • Gateway Prevention: Allows you to detect “denial of service” system attacks or the use of malicious software “bots”.
  • Anti-virus and URL Filter: Ensures you can minimize access congestion and unsafe file downloads.
  • User Control: Enables you to authorize or block access to applications, filter certain content and control the authentication process of your users.

With its SecurEsky offer, Sonema will advise and assist you with the optimization of your network security.

  • Advice to help you choose the best security solution and support when configuring your equipment.
  • Set-up of a personalised web-based interface with a secure log-in 24/7, which allows you to secure data-flow to prevent attacks and assess your network vulnerability.
  • Monitor your performance once the recommended solutions are implemented.

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