In December 1998, SOCIETE GENERALE des Banques de Côte d’Ivoire entrusted SONEMA with the task of connecting its 6 branches via a dedicated satellite link, which at that time was the only reliable solution on the African continent. This deployment was the beginning of a long-term collaboration between the SOCIETE GENERALE group and SONEMA as the French bank expanded its network across Africa.

For 20 years, this partnership has been based upon the respect of shared values whether it be quality customer service or a respectful and responsible approach to development on the African continent.

Alexandre MAYMAT, Head of the Africa, Mediterranean & Overseas region for SOCIETE GENERALE states: « Our purpose is to contribute to the development of the economy in the countries where we operate. We employ and provide support for over 11 500 members of staff in Africa as they develop their expertise and we see continual improvement, thereby valorising their complete involvement in our 3.7 million customers satisfaction process. It is important to us that our technological partners follow this same approach and SONEMA’s commitment to their customers and partners demonstrates that we have the same shared values. »

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