Enhance your security with advanced privileged account management!
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Real-Time Privileged Access Management and Control to Guarantee Integrity of Your Data

Privileged Access Control Challenges

  • Assign privileges to users or groupes of users for their target resources only
  • Monitor all privileged access to critical systems
  • Secure login credentials and passwords
  • Fight against cyber-attacks efficiently
  • Comply with the GDPR, PCI-DSS, ISO 27001 regulations


  • Safeguard the integrity of your IT systems
  • Access Control to IT resources via a Web console
  • Traceability of actions and real-time session tracking
  • Password management: generation, modification and distribution
  • Deploy Bastion on-premises or as-a-service
Bastion: A Privileged Access Management Solution to Safeguard Your IT System

Bastion is a Privileged Access Management solution that allows you to manage privilege accounts and monitor access to your critical systems. The 3 service modules -Access Manager, Session Manager and Password Manager allow you to secure all access to your IT resources and to ensure the compliance and integrity of your data. Developed with our partner Wallix, the Bastion solution is available “On-Premise” or in “as-a-service” mode.

Privileged Access Management

  • Automatic authorisation, authentication and revocation rules
  • Streamlined approval procedure for access to critical resource

Security and Protection

  • Encryption and storage of passwords in a password-protected vault
  • Enhanced remote authentication procedure
  • Forced rotation of passwords and SSH keys

Traceability and Compliance

  • Real-time monitoring of privileged users and connections (4-eyes mode)
  • Video recording and replay of sessions
  • Dashboards and context-sensitive reports

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