Sonema SAM, a worldwide VSAT integrator and telecommunications service provider, proudly sponsors the Monaco Inter Expo initiative at the Milano 2015 World’s Fair.

It is the first official World’s Fair dedicated to food security and diversity. In addition to the pavilions representing all nations, the fair will offer innovative themed areas.

Starting from its theme “Excellence and Solidarity – A new look at feeding the planet”, the Principality of Monaco is focusing its participation at the Milan Expo 2015 on the themes of solidarity and sharing, to demonstrate how prosperity acquired over the centuries can be used as an incentive for promoting the values of solidarity, protection of the environment and growth of the green economy. Cooperation, intended as a better sharing of wealth at an international level. Governance, supporting research and innovation to create responsible policies and actions. Education, considered as an authentic and irrevocable resource for the future, able to build awareness in citizens.

Sonema shares these values at the very heart of its strategy, and proudly supports and sponsors this major event for the Principalty of Monaco.

The Pavillon Monaco is located at the Milano Expo 2015 World’s Fair, held from May 1st to October 31st, 2015.

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