You have an increasingly international client base and you travel regularly; you need to meet with your clients, partners and colleagues. Frequent business trips are expensive and difficult to organize in certain areas of the world because of political, security or environmental concerns.

According to a survey regarding business trips carried out in 2015 by 3mundi, 44% of people interviewed found business trips increasingly demanding, 16% viewed them as a punishment and 51% stated that travel conditions have deteriorated.

With Visio+, Sonema provides a solution to the problem, meeting the requirements of its international clients:

  • Reducing the cost of business trips for external meetings and raising productivity
  • Developing a new approach to communication and collaboration
  • Saving time
  • Reducing stress and tiredness levels for staff and allowing them to focus on your core business

Visio+ is a managed service which allows you to make unlimited video conference calls across multiple platforms. The service quality adapts to the network throughput, it offers a dedicated concierge service and is packaged in a monthly subscription requiring minimal investment.

Take advantage of all the Visio+ features:

  • A premium concierge service: An expert to answer all your questions
  • Unlimited Access: Use the service as often as you want, there is no limit to the number of video conferences per month or the duration of the video conferences
  • Simultaneous Access: Up to 100 users can be connected simultaneously
  • High compatibility: PC, Tablet and Smartphone (IOS & Android) or dedicated equipment
  • Document sharing
  • “Virtual” meeting rooms available 24/7
  • “Active Speaker”: Technology which easily identifies who is speaking

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