To help our clients deal with new growth and security issues arising from the evolution of email communications, SONEMA offers a robust and scalable service based on the MICROSOFT® EXCHANGE platform. 

Covering everything from the creation of new email accounts to flexible client invoicing, our fully-managed and secure external mailbox hosting service resolves the following issues :

  • Time-saving and refocusing staff: Delegating daily service administration to our teams allows IT management staff to concentrate on value-added services
  • Improves performance and productivity: thanks to the email service’s high availability which is essential for business. As a network service provider, SONEMA is able to offer efficient service integration within our customer networks.
  • Security: is ensured by putting in place powerful and efficient email filtering solutions, and thanks to our dedicated IT security experts
  • Optimises investments: by reducing the cost of version and infrastructure updates thanks to

to flexible client invoicing by mailbox, including supply and maintenance of servers and licences Support: from our teams including personalised phone contact with our experts

To ensure maximum security, SONEMA’s email hosting service includes a Mail Protection offer:

It filters encrypted emails, attachments and URLs, offers advanced email content filtering by key words, filters spam based on IP addresses and has an optional Sandbox module (behavioural analysis of attachments) In addition, the Exchange service is operated out of our Frejus datacentre. Managing our proprietary equipment guarantees total confidentiality for hosted data.

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