The SONEMA group together with their partner 2IT SERVICES, brought together 40 business owners and IT directors to discuss new telecoms and IT issues. This unique event offered an information framework and expert-level discussions to collectively understand the problems faced by companies in Senegal.

Held at the Hotel RADISSON in Dakar on Friday the 21st September, this workshop was an opportunity for SONEMA and 2IT SERVICES to present their range of services which tackle these new challenges. Underlined by testimonials from SONEMA customers, the workshop participants were able to discuss the recent changes in technology and their impact whilst focusing in particular on the following themes:

  • Modernising and safeguarding telecommunications infrastructures, in particular by the implementation of hybrid solutions, combining terrestrial technologies with the high availability of VSAT connections
  • Anticipating the evolution of business applications and the significant increase in data and internet traffic for private domestic networks as well as public international networks
  • The advantage of using datacentre services: outstanding facilities, high levels of security and the quality of managed services plus the optimisation of running costs for companies
  • Being aware of the importance of high-quality technical support. 24/7 support is vital to handle questions, calls and technical requests. Although it is rarely assessed by IT Management, the quality of their technical support has a major economic impact on a company’s business performance

This workshop brought the 2018 programme of on-site meetings to a close, a programme designed by SONEMA to support its local partners and highlight its business development.

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