The ITU World Radiocommunication Seminar was held in Geneva from the 3rd to the 7th of December. Organised biannually by the ITU, the seminar brings together over 400 participants from over 130 countries, allowing them to discuss the regulations and procedures in place across the satellite market.

These conferences deal with the use of the radio-frequency spectrum and the satellite orbits, and, in particular, with the application of the provisions of the ITU Radio Regulations

In addition to the representatives from the member states, several satellite operators were also present including Intelsat and ABS, plus many representatives from public authorities including ARCEP France, ANFR and ARCEP Africa.

The event was organised in 2 parts:

  • The first part was a series of simultaneously interpreted plenary sessions covering general radiocommunication related matters, applications of ITU Radio Regulations provisions and trends in various radiocommunication services.
  • The second part was made up of workshops enabling participants to get hands-on experience with ITU notification procedures as well as preparing their own schedule, based on their interests.

This was the first time that the SONEMA group attended WRS.

Patrice WARIN, Project Manager states: «The aim of our visit to WRS was to meet the key players in the satellite sector. We were able to meet with representatives from the ITU, ARCEP France and ANFR in addition to speaking with several members of telecoms authorities from countries where we currently operate andin particular on the African continent, in order to better understand their mode of operating. We were also able to attend several workshops in order to improve our capabilities and our expertise of the software used for frequency registrations both for our own requirements and those of our customers. »

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